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WPA, WEP and Open Wifi. Good, bad and ugly

WPA, WEP and Open Wifi. Good, bad and ugly  

Everybody likes to use WiFi because its super handy. Take your device all around your house and still have connectivity. That’s a bit of awesomeness right there. Of course there are different versions of WiFi


Why are they secure? 

  • Open WiFi isn’t secure at all. That’s kind of the idea were anyone can join on the network and use its resources. Including listening to your internet traffic.
  • WEP is more secure than Open WiFi. But has proven to be easily broken so anyone in the know can break into to your network in under a minute.
  • WPA is even more secure again and is a lot harder to break into
  • WPA2 is the best and the most up to date and you want to use 


Best Practice for security? Use wired connections when possible for speed as well and use WPA2 where you need to use wireless and have a good strong password on it

Luke Keam
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Luke Keam