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Privacy In devices. What devices do you use? And how secure are they?

Privacy In devices. What devices do you use? And how secure are they?

Since we use a multitude of devices at home and work. Laptops, Phones, Desktops and Tablets what kind of security do you have on each? Do you keep them up to date?

Please update your devices. Not just for new groovey features but also for security/bug fixes.
The device password protected (with a strong password)? Of course it depends on the risk of the device itself. Does it have sensitive data on it. What would happen if you lost it and the phone was comprimised? Sensitive data, images,



The device encrypted? atleast with 128 AES with a strong pasword/passphrase? Although most of the devices you cant chose what strength of the encryption is. The new iphone/ipad’s are automatically encrypted. Android/Windows need to be done in the settings.

The device use a VPN? for security on the internet especially using wifi hotspots. Dont know what a VPN is then check out the previous blog link here.

The device use security software?
Software like antivirus/firewall. This doesnt have to be a paid product depending on your needs. I currently use and recommend a few different paid antivirus/security.

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