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Passwords and password managers

Passwords and password managers


How do you remember your passwords?images

Assuming you remember all your passwords. How “secure” are they.

  • Do you use a password managers?
  • Do you use the same password on more than one site?
  • Are your passwords similar to each other?
  • Are your passwords just the minimum characters?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions.Its time to shift to a more secure solution.


My Solution  

LastPass is free for desktops use and $1 a month for Mobile App use.
Why i use it and recommend it?



1. Password Vault. It saves your passwords in one central secure location. Which LastPass themselves cant unencrypt your password vault without your password.

LastPass Save Site



2. Password Generator. Creating or Changing your password. LastPass will “Generate Secure Password”. example. Your email password has a maximum of say 32 characters long and no numbers. LastPass can generate that.


3. Multifactor Authentication. Dunno what multifactor authentication is? this will be covered more in depth next blog. It supports YubiKey, Google Authenticator, Toopher, Duo Security and TransaktGoogleAuthenticator


4. Security Challenge. This is a very nifty feature indeed. Goes through all your passwords and websites to see if there are any duplicate passwords, weak passwords or known hacked sites. Even gives you a percentage range of how good your passwords are.


5. ONE PASSWORD! One Password is great. Also a great security risk. So you better make it a great password that you change somewhat frequently and i do recommend using multifactor authentication on LastPass as a minimum i do recommend using it for other sites too for best security practices. Google Authenticator is my choice.






Luke Keam

Luke Keam

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