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Once you go SSD you never go back

Once you go SSD you never go back   

Had your computer for a while and want a speed boost? Replacing your old spinning Hard Drive with an SSD is a one of the greatest speed improvement. However it does come at a cost of course.

Since SSD’s have come down in price and these days we use a lot more cloud services so we don’t actually use as much space as we use to.


Pros and Cons


  • Power. SSDs use less and more power.  How is this possible? On average they use less for everyday activity on a computer, which is mostly idle. SSDs have no moving parts. No moving the disk to find your data. However how do they use more? They use more when it is being used intensely but for shorter periods. Its like have a V12 engine with a hyrbrid engine. Your going to get there very quick use more power in that short time but your barely using any while idling.

  • Speed SSDS are at least 2 times faster than a Typical HDD and up to 18 times faster if you get PCIE SSD. Yes 18 Times faster. 
  • Noise What noise? No moving parts remember 
  • Durability Because they have no moving parts they are better for portable devices, phones, tablets, laptops etc. So your data doesnt get damaged in movement. Compared to a regular HDD where you have needle and a disk like an old record player and everytime you bump it it skips. Currently SSDs they have longer write and read cycles than a regular HDD.


  • Price They cost more than a regular HDD still. However if you look at all the pros its hard to go wrong.
  • Capacity SSDs don’t have as much storage capacity as regular HDDS but as with technology they are getting close and at the same time HDDS are getting more capacity. EG this year a 16tb HDD

Hope this answers your questions about what you want.

Luke Keam
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Luke Keam