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How to Backup with System Image in Windows 10

How to Backup with System Image in Windows 10


Backing up is Essential for using a device. Dont trust your hardware. Make sure you have a backup onsite and offsite to be

Please Backup if you wondering why please read.  Backup. Do you really back? Blog Post

Whats the difference between file backup and System Image?

  • File History. Takes Copies of your files and Windows will put them on your backup Hard Drive, Network, etc. These are smaller in size and handy.
  • System Image. Backs up everything. Your files, your operating system and all your applications.  These are great for when your about to a major upgrade, or virus taken over your system.
  • Hybrid. Both are a good option if you have the time to set them up. System Image every Month and file back up everyday or week. This of course depends on how often you use your computer and what you use it for.


Before we begin making and image you will want to make a system repair disc so you can actually use your image if something goes wrong in general.


Hit the windows key and type backup.

Click “Set Up backup”

Pick your backup location and typically use the recommended settings

Your first system backup will take the longest but you can use your computer while this being done so no dramas.


Command Line Version

I wont go into much detail here

Backup  of “All critical data” to D: drive

wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:D: -allcritical -quiet

For a full list of everything to do with this tool. Microsfot have a great page on wbadmin



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