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hash-check.com “Third Party Crypto Hash Bank” Currently not being developed 2022

I have heard this problem professionals that they want to check the integrity of the file they are downloading. So they download the file and the hash from the same website and check the hash and find they are tip top and everything is gravy. So what if the hacker took over the website, added some malicious code to the program then updated the hash? Well this is where you need a “Third Party Crypto Hash Bank”  like the new hash-check.com

So for a little while i have been working on this site to help the community and to learn how to code 

Hopefully it is helpful to someone and it is still in early stages and has lots of features and bugs that need tending too.

Below is a sample of what you can find. (Good old True Crypt)


If there is some interest in this site i plan on writing a client side program to make this easier to check against the downloaded file.

Luke Keam
Thank you for reading. Any questions, comments or suggestions email me [email protected]
Luke Keam