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fleet-track.org - track your gps device

fleet-track.org - track your gps device

Developing a new platform is hard and fun and lets track some gps devices


To be honest this is one of my projects I have been working on for fun at https://fleet-track.org/ I have been working on this one as well as pi-auto (A raspberry pi gps device for the car that sends it data to flee-track.org) that go hand in hand.

Fleet-track.org is a site that you can sign up and send your gps data and it will display map as like below. If you have muliple devices it will also track that device too 


We also have a screen to show where your current gps devices are and a blog to help you get started 

Currently working on new features for the website & pi-auto. Some more display screens and more blogs and how to guides on how to get started and using this site. 

Premium! Also offering some premium features. See below for features and prices as of June 2022  

Luke Keam
Thank you for reading. Any questions, comments or suggestions email me [email protected]
Luke Keam