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What is encryption?
Essentially encryption is taking something and changing the pattern with a “key” so its indecipherable. Basic example of encryption is if i wrote the word “example” and just changed each letter +1.
so a would be b
b = c
c =d etc
example = dybnqmd

basic form of encryption but you get the idea.

Why encrypt?
i never use to, but now i typically encrypt everything. Why? if someone steals my computer, hard drive or online storage. They can see everything. Personal, financial, family information.

How do we encrypt?
Depending on what we are using.
Hard Drives? I personally use Microsoft Windows Bit Locker. Which comes free on pro versions of Windows 7/8 and very easy to use.


Update October 2015. True Crypt has a new exploit and is not recommended any more.

Another program that i like and have success with and is free TrueCrypt. However it is not supported anymore but is still downloadable.


Cloud encryption? I use a program called “Boxcryptor Classic Which have a free version or US$ 44.99 for the personal addition.

The reason i picked this program in particular is because of its very cross platform (Windows, Max OS X, Android, iOS, Windows RT and Linux) and supports many different cloud services. So you never run into a situation where you want to look at something on your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Next month will be on passwords.

Luke Keam
Thank you for reading. Any questions, comments or suggestions email me [email protected]
Luke Keam