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1pdf combine pdf's and jpg's into one file

1pdf combine pdf's and jpg's into one file

Another quick one today, since I always like quick ones. We are looking at a program for Windows that combines your pdf's and jpg's into one single file.


We have 2 versions

  • v1.2 DELETES everything in the folder where the program is run after it has made the file 
  • v1 Does not delete anything


Download here



  1. Put all pdfs and images in the same folder as "1pdf_merge_pictures_and_pdf 1.*exe" eg folder name "Result"
  2. Take note that the are added in alphabetical order "doc.pdf" and "img04646.jpg" , "img64565.jpg"
  3. Run program "1pdf_merge_pictures_and_pdf 1.*exe". This will covert images to a smaller size, covert them to pdf, combine them together and delete all except the combined file which is named the same name as folder eg "Result.pdf


Thanks and take care

Luke Keam
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Luke Keam